Mystery Babylon Kickstarter - NOW LIVE!

Mystery Babylon Chapter 3 Kickstarter!
Check it out and help support Mystery Babylon!
Even if you can’t pledge, just helping to spread the word will help out so much! Every little bit goes a long way! ♥


In just one week the Kickstarter has done so AWESOME! We totally funded it!
BOOK THREE IS GONNA HAPPEN!!!! *throws confetti*
Now it’s all about the stretch goals! So close to hitting the $4,500 stretch goal! We can do it!!! 😀

I had a fantastic time at the Amazing Arizona Comicon over the weekend! If this is the first time checking out the comic…. WELCOME! 😀
Already excited for my next show in April! Until then, hopefully I can work on lots of Mystery Babylon pages and new prints! Woohoo!

Thank you guys always for reading! Don’t forget to check back next week for the next page!!!