Mystery Babylon Kickstarter - NOW LIVE!

Mystery Babylon Chapter 3 Kickstarter is now Live!
Check it out and help support Mystery Babylon!
Even if you can’t pledge, just helping to spread the word will help out so much! ♥


You won’t want to miss our Early Bird Rewards!  They are limited, and I’d love for my faithful fans to have the first shot at getting them! 🙂

The Kickstarter is for printing out the Graphic Novel of Mystery Babylon Chapter 3. I’ve been able to print up Chapters 1 & 2 in the past… but I just haven’t been able to save up enough money for Chapter 3 yet. And look how far into Chapter 4 we are already! It was definitely time for some help from Kickstarter!

Please check it out and help support the comic! I really appreciate it so super lots! And hopefully I can shower you all in goodies if we we can reach our goal and hit some stretch goals! Keep your fingers crossed! 😀
Even if you can’t contribute to the Kickstarter (heaven knows I’ve missed out on an awesome Kickstarter or two recently…) you can still help support the comic by sharing it with your comic-loving friends! Every little bit goes a long way! ♥

And as if launching a Kickstarter this week wasn’t exciting enough… this weekend I’ll be attending the Amazing Arizona Comicon!
I’ll be hanging out at Table C6 selling comics, prints, and cool new original arts! It’s gonna be “AMAAAAAZING~!” ;B

Anyways, I hope you like today’s page and all it’s shininess! *lol* Those first 3 panels are my new favorites. Kick Girl and Kill Boy are just too much fun to draw. xD

Thank you guys always for reading! Don’t forget to check back next week for the next page! ♥