Kickstarter Launch - TOMORROW!

Hey Guys! New page day! YAY!!!!! 😀
No fair, Kick! Didn’t you read up on the rules ahead of time?

I’m in the middle of creating a Kickstarter project, for the Mystery Babylon Chapter 3 Graphic Novel! Oh my gosh… SO EXCITED AHHH!
Putting some extra little love into making this project a success! ♥
I’ll keep you posted here or on the Mystery Babylon Facebook page for when it launches! Hopefully I can come up with a more definitive date soon! 🙂
Watch out for more updates!

I’ve also got the Amazing Arizona Comic Con coming up soon! If any of you guys are going, and are looking to pick up a commission at the show, shoot me a message! If I can get a head start on your commission from home, it’ll probably turn out prettier! Cuz I can focus on it properly! *lol*

Thank you all so much for reading and being Mystery Babylon fans! Hope you enjoy this week’s page as much as did drawing it ♥