Welcome to another week of Mystery Babylon! 
This page is a little reminiscent of the days of Kick Girl past…
Surfs Up!

I’m still available to take on commissions, if any of you are interested! I finished up my last round the other day. I hope everyone likes their arts <3
You can check out my commission info here. You can also check out all my new prints and in my online store too!

It’s almost time for the Amazing Arizona Comic Con. Been trying to make lots of original art for the show. Trying something new this year! 😀

I’m hoping I can get a Kickstarter going to help me publish Mystery Babylon Chapter 3, since I’ve been unable to save enough money. Fingers crossed I have time to get it up and running this week! Also gonna be working on sketch cards too. Better get busy, huh? Ahahaha

Also, “Lilac.” Yes. I approve of this.

Thank you all for reading! New page next week! <3