Mystery Babylon Monday Madness! HAPPY NEW PAGE DAY!
I love this page ahahaha. Any day drawing Delilah flipping out is a good day. (for Kick, this is a normal occurrence.)

I took some time last week to update my personal site:
If anyone is interested, I am available and looking to take on some new COMMISSIONS! ~*
Check out my info and if you’re interested, send me a message! ♥
I’ve also got Mystery Babylon Graphic Novels, new prints, and sketch cards available in the online store.
I have a special deal going, that ends this Friday at midnight! Free shipping on any order to anywhere in the United States! (that includes shipping costs on commissions too!)
So please check it out! And help me save up some money for my upcoming convention trips, plus get some fancy Val-Arts while you’re at it! WIN-WIN!

By the way, I’ve updated my Convention Schedule / World Tour! You can check out my currently scheduled shows on the sidebar at the right.
Good news is that I’ve recently been accepted back into WonderCon and San Diego Comicon again! SO HAPPY!!!!

Thank you all so much for reading! Hope you like today’s page too!
New page will be up next week! I’LL SEE YOU THEN!!! 😀