Page 226! Where does the time go?
The council is a bit of a dysfunctional family… But hey, they all look fabulous in their robes, and that’s what counts. ;0

This week I’ll be going back to my home town in Buffalo, NY to see family and celebrating the holidays and all that. <3
I’m fearing the cold. I was once immune to it, but the desert of Phoenix has made my blood WEAK! Now I’m a sissy when it comes to cold weather. Luckily, I’ve armed myself with many nerdy and awesome hoodies. So I’m prepared. ~*
I won’t have a computer or anything with me when I go. Just my cellphone and my poor neglected sketchbook. Might be good to just hang out with the family and doodle for a week. It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn something other than work/commissions/Mystery Babylon. Looking forward to that. Maybe I’ll post some doodles on my Tumblr. My tumblr is hungry for some new doodles. Probably some Dragon Age fan arts and Star Wars things haha.