This week: BONUS ROUND PRESENTS! hahahaha
Hello everyone! Sorry I’m a little late on my blog update! Just got back home from the Tucson Comic Con last night, and I pretty much just zonked out! I had a blast at the show! Everyone was so nice and I met so many new people and saw so many old friends. So I give a big “WELCOME!!” to any new readers out there! There’s lots of comics to read for sure! 😀

I just love drawing Zero and Red together. It’s probably the first time two happy characters have interacted with each other in… in awhile! *lol* (Although I never get tired of cranky Kick Girl).

For now, I’ll be working on more comic pages and getting ready for my next Convention in December, the Phoenix Fan Fest! LET THE PREPPING BEGIN! MWAHAHA!

Thank you all for reading! Hope you all enjoyed this week’s page. Please vote for us daily on Top Web Comics, and Like us on Facebook! Woohoo! Til next Monday! ♥