HAPPY NOVEMBER! Hope you all had a great week last week.
Hope you all didn’t eat too much candy… like I did.
Don’t have a whole lot to say this week… other than I greatly enjoyed drawing this page ahaha 😀

This weekend I’ll be at the Tucson Comic Con! WOOHOO! Very excited to be going back again this year! Last year was awesome ♥
I’ll be at Table D-19! Come stop by if you’re going! Right smack dab in the middle of the convention floor!

Loved all the comments on this page so far! HAHA! I love you guys. You’re awesome.
Can’t wait to read more! You guys will have me entertained all day. You make Mondays fun again! *lol*

That’s all for now! Please comment and share and vote for us on Top Web Comics!
Hope you enjoy this week’s page as much as I do! NEXT WEEEEK!