Oooooh~! A little smoocha-smoocha this week! Appropriate timing after the awesome romance poll we had going last week haha. (Maybe J.J. should have been an option?) 

Thanks all so much for your votes by the way! Very interesting results! As of the time I’m writing this blog post, The General marks the most popular romantic pick… with Zero not too far behind! I’d like to redo the poll in a few months or so once the comic progresses a little more and see if the results differ at all. (and yes, next time, I will add Red! hahaha)
Just loved all your thoughts and theories. ♥

That poll was a lot of fun…. SO LET’S DO ANOTHER ONE!!!

Where does Red's loyalty truly lie?

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The time has come at last! Alamo City Comicon is THIS WEEK!
I’ll be set up at Artist Alley Table C45! I’LL HAVE SO MUCH ARTS! ♥
It’s gonna be a long drive from Phoenix, but I’m super pumped. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there! Don’t forget to mention you read the comic and I’ll give you a super awesome SUPER-FAN button as a present! WOOHOO!

That’s all for now! Please vote for us at Top Web Comics! You can vote every day, and your votes are so appreciated! :0

Thank you all for reading! Always love to hear your thoughts!
Check back next week for a new page! and wish me luck in Texas! ♥