HAPPY MONDAY! New page day! ūüėÄ
Today is the last day of Saboten Con here in Arizona. So I’ll be working there and secretly checking my phone the whole time reading all of your awesome comments hahaha ‚ô•
So welcome any new readers that I might have met at the show! Thanks for checking it out! You’ve got a lot of pages to read!

Poor Kick Girl. Things just haven’t been going her way lately. Things are not looking good, that is for sure…
This week has a little bit of a throwback to the old original Kick Girl series as well. Mostly just the bit about assassins haha

I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to io9 and Lauren Davis for the awesome review.
Check it out here! (So awesome thank you so much! ‚ô•)

I’m pretty excited for next week to come around! Really hope you enjoy the new page!
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*internet-smooches each and every one of you*