T-Minus ONE WEEK (and two days) til San Diego Comicon!!!
I’ll be in the Small Press area! Booth N-12! Come visit me! I’ll have Chapters 1 and 2 available in graphic novel form, plus new fan arts prints & buttons of things I looooooooove~!
Any Mystery Babylon readers planning on going to SDCC? I’ll have free Mystery Babylon buttons! And if you say “ALL HAIL MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT!” then I’ll give you an extra special Super-Fan button! hahaha! While they last at least!  :mrgreen:

Also! Don’t forget to vote for us on Top Web Comics! <3 <3 <3

*edit* I just wanted to make a note here, because a few people have mentioned it in the comments. It has been mentioned that the upside cross is the symbol of St. Peter. I choose this symbol as the mark of the Beast because I did not want to use a pentagram or “666” or anything like that. And I like the mirror imagery it has to the normal cross. So it’s just an artistic choice of mine to present it in this way, and in no way is meant to represent Saint Peter in the context of this comic.
There have been (and will be) many more biblical inaccuracies as the comic continues on. There will be a mix of many different myths and beliefs, as well as fully fictional things that I make up. I hope this does not detract from your enjoyment of the comic. Thanks as always for commenting and reading! YAY! 🙂