We made it! time for a pizza party! :mrgreen:  

Just got back from the Amazing Las Vegas Comicon late last night! My three conventions in three weekend extravaganza is finally over! hahaha (I’m so very very tired…) So if this is your first time checking out the comic… WELCOME!!! ♥

I started this comic back on November 1st of 2010. There were a couple of weeks earlier on where I missed updates due to conventions or work, but for the most part, updates have been pretty much a regular thing! So happy to be able to stick to something for this long. I love drawing this comic… and it makes me so happy to see other people enjoy it too… *happy tear*

Thank you all! I’m gonna celebrate today somehow! Maybe not a real pizza party… but I’ll eat something yummy today! And I’ll get to work on next week’s page!
Here’s to at least another 200 pages~!   :mrgreen: ♥