Page 198! (so dang close to page 200!) So glad I was able to finish this page before the Con. Or else I never would have had it done in time! ahahahaha

Phoenix Comicon was SO AMAZING! I had a total blast! And I don’t feel like I’ve gotten the Con Crud either! Mission Success! 😀
If this is your first time visiting the site… WELCOME! ~*
I hope you enjoy my dorky comic about Kick Girl, Zero, and their crazy extreme-post-apocalyptic adventures together ♥

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On Wednesday I begin my journey to Colorado! For the DENVER COMICON! YEAH!
I’ll be my first time in Colorado EVER! I’m so excited! My husband used to live there and he tells me such magical things.
Come by and see me at Table A36! I’ll be selling Graphic Novels, Prints, Buttons, and all sorts of adorably cute stuff!  :mrgreen:

I’m not taking any commissions at the show, but I’m opening up a small limited list for Denver Comicon (and also Amazing Las Vegas!) Pre-Orders which I can complete from home ahead of time. (These are for people who are attending the Denver or Las Vegas Cons only, for the moment!) Once my list is filled up, I’ll place you on a waiting list! And hopefully, if I have enough time, I can get to everyone… but with not a lot of time in there… uhhh… we’ll see! I can’t make any promises! (sorry!!) 8-O

Commission Info:
Original one-of-a-kind art by Val Hochberg! I can draw any character you’d like from any comic/show/movie/etc. If you’d like more than one character (or any extra elements which may take me more time), then the price will  increase. I will be sure to give you an exact quote before I start your drawing. Please provide reference picture for original characters or any special requests! :) 
Inked Commission – $30
Colored Commission – $50
You can pay when you come pick up your commission at the show! I can take credit card or cash.
If you do not pick up your artwork by the end of the show, then I will put the artwork up for public sale.
Please email me at if you are interested!
Serious commission requests only!
Email me if you have any questions! Thank you!!!~ ♥

 Thank you all again for reading! I LOVE YOU!