Happy Monday Everyone!!! Mystery Babylon page is now up for your comic-reading pleasure!
Awwwww! He called him “CUTE”… 😯 ♥

I was a little behind on the comic this week, since I had so much other stuff going on…
BUT! I still got the page done on time! HOORAY!

This week I plan to get ahead on some pages, and getting some commission work done! If anyone here is going to Phoenix Comicon / Denver Comicon / Amazing Las Vegas Comicon, then KEEP POSTED! I’ll be opening up commission for pick ups at the show. Check back here next week or keep your eyes peeled on the Mystery Babylon Facebook page. I’ll only be taking a limited number of commissions, and I may not be doing commissions at the shows. So claiming a commission early on may be the only way to get an original art piece! 🙂 (plus it will look so much nicer doing it at home, then when I draw it all distractedly at the table during con hahaha)

Speaking of Phoenix Comicon, I’m totally getting pumped for the show! WOOHOO!
I’ll be at Artist Alley Table AA31. And I’ll be alongside some other amazing artists with Test Subjects. A super team of indy comic artists! SUPER COOL!~*

Hope you enjoy this week’s page! Thank you everyone! 😀