Happy Monday! I’m having to write a little preemptive blurb today, as I should be currently still out of town in Anaheim, CA! Hopefully Wondercon went… WONDERFULLY! hohoho! And hopefully I had a chance to meet and chat with some of you for a little bit! โ™ฅ
I’m already getting ready for my next set of conventions coming up in June! So hopefully I’ll have a chance to meet more Mystery Babylon readers!ย  :mrgreen:

Hope you like this week’s page! I think most of you knew what was coming… but it’s still fun to see it play out. And of course I have to do it with a dorky joke in there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love you guys! New page next week!ย 
As for now… I’ll be running around at Disneyland today! YEAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! ~*ย