I’ve been waiting for this moment since the beginning. and Kick Girl too hahaha.
Once again I’m behind on my comic pages. Hopefully I’ll have some time later today to get crack’n on next week’s! No last minute stuff allowed! :0

Just in case you missed my announcement last week, I’ve been getting ready for WONDERCON! Woohoo! Got some new Mystery Babylon prints in the works, as well as plenty of fan-arts… *rubs hands together evilllllyyyyy*

Please also check out the Hi-Fi Kickstarter if you haven’t already! Learn how to color comics from the PROS!

At the $30K stretch goal, you get to learn how to color MYSTERY BABYLON! Go support it today! Let’s make those stretch goals! 😀 ♥ 

Love your comments and predictions always! Please share the comic-love too if you can! ~♥ 
Remember to check in next week…  😈