Happy Monday, webcomic friends! New page up today! ♥

I’ve gotten a little behind on my comic pages! I’ll be working on the next page today! (eek!) Also starting to get pumped for Wondercon next month!! Any of you guys planning on going? 😀

I’ve also got to tell you guys about the Hi-Fi Kickstarter going on! You guys ever wanted to learn how to color comics? CUZ NOW YOU CAN!!

At the $30K stretch goal, you get to learn how to color MYSTERY BABYLON! FOR REALZ YO! I created a special 5 page never-before-seen comic that you can learn how to color! How awesome is that? And if you love Katie Cook (LIKE MEEE!) then you can learn how to color her webcomic Gronk too!
Go support it today! Let’s make those stretch goals and learn how to make comics LIKE THE PROS! 😀 ♥ 

Til next week’s page! ~♥