Just finished this page with 15 minutes to spare! PHEW!  😯

Happy Monday, Mystery Babylon Readers! New and loyal readers alike!
Kept busy this weekend over at the Amazing Arizona Comicon! I had a total blast! It was so great getting a chance to see and talk to some of you. Everyone is always way too nice to me… u__u *happy tears*
So relieved that I still managed to get the page up for Monday morning. Hopefully there’s no awful typos or anything. I’m so tired right now I could just be posting gibberish for all I know hahaha. So please forgive me for that.

I want to do so many shout outs to awesome peeps. But I’ll have to make a full thank you list in the morning. But I at least wanted to do a special shout out to Jemma! She’s the artist behind the webcomic Children of Eldair, and she is so frick’n sweet and amazing. It’s always so awesome to meet fellow webcomic people. Go check out her comic because her art rocks my socks!
Big kisses to all my webcomic readers, whether you were able to make it out or not!
(But I have to give an extra smooch to Mel. Mel, I always love to see you! ;D ♥) 

Here’s me and my husband Scott having an awesomely pinktastic time at our table! Ahahahahaha… *dorkysnort*

Hope you enjoy the page this week! Til next Monday!!! ~♥