Hey Guys! Sorry I’ve been away from the internet lately! But haven’t missed a comic update! MWAHA! I was gone at APE in San Francisco for awhile, then I struggled for a week to catch up with all my work. I’m exhausted, but I’m back into the normal swing of things!

There were so many awesome people at APE, and I’ll probably just pimp them like crazy here next week… I did want to share this super-cute Fan Art I got though!! YEAHHHH!!! ♥

This lovely drawing was given to me by the adorable and awesome webcomic artist Melissa McCommon! I was so happy to meet her! I hope I get to hang out with her again soon!
Check out her webcomic Epic Chaos!! Evil guys with spiky hair? Sounds like something right up my alley, huh? hehehehe  :mrgreen:

Hope you are enjoying the start of Chapter 3 so far! Love you comments and predictions and all that! Next page will be up next Monday!! Woohoo!