Here is the official title page for Chapter 3! YAY!! The new comic pages will continue again next week… But I wouldn’t leave you guys with nothing new other than one lil ol’ title page! Have some cute doodles too!!! 😀 ♥
Yeah, that’s what happens when you start playing around with demonic forces, Judas! You get to spritz bottle!!  👿 Cute little doodle inspired by these little guys. My BFF Anna made them for me! Cute Doggy Zero and Kitty Judas ahahaha. So adorable I just love them! 

(Secret trivia fact: My friend Anna is my inspiration behind “The General” character. Cuz she’s so tough and cool!! And she loves the color orange too! ♥)

Also, I posted this “Kickdad” napkin doodle to my Tumblr that you can check out!
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