Page 160! That’s a lot of weeks of Mystery Babyloning! Time for a pizza party! Woo!

I feel sort of bad for Delilah on this page. There isn’t much known about her character just yet… but… there’s something in all of us that can relate I think. Everyone wants to have purpose in their life. To be important. Although breaking open the seal to the Pit probably isn’t the smartest way to go. 😐

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting two lovely webcomic creator ladies from Lavender Legend and Goblins of Razard! Both VERY pretty webcomics. Please go check them out! YES! *__* ♥

On a personal note, I’ll be finishing up coloring one of my big sketchcard projects today! YAY! ANOTHER REASON TO CELEBRATE! …until my next set of cards shows up in the mail any day now… *single tear*

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoy this weeks page! Next page will be up next Monday! Don’t forget to comment and share with your friends~ ♥