PHOENIX COMICON WEEK! YAY! I’m so excited!!! 😀 ♥
Welcome all new and loyal readers alike! This week’s page is leading into the next challenge for Kick and Zero. Heading a bit into the unknown know! Mwahahahaha!

If you’re attending Phoenix Comicon this week (which you totally should!), be sure to stop by and see me at table #2213! I’ll be selling and signing Kick Girl & Mystery Babylon books, as well as a ton of fan-art prints! I’m also the one who made the adorables Doctor Who “Full Event” passes, so stop by my table and I’ll be happy to sign that for you!! It’s gonna be awesome. I’m also going to be on two panels this year, Webcomics 101 and The World of Sketchcards. Don’t miss out! 🙂

Also, in other news, I survived turning 30 on Saturday. *throws confetti* Scott took me out all day and we went shopping and ate ice cream. It was delightful. 😀

 Hope you enjoy this week’s page! I’m reeaaaaaallly excited about the next upcoming pages. ;D