Hey guys! Welcome to page 141! Life has been keeping me busy… Had a rough week this past week, but things are looking up again! And today I start prepping for Phoenix Comicon! Woohoo! I’ll be signing at Samurai Comics in Mesa, AZ this Saturday for the ACME Comic Mini Expo! So come get some free comics at the store, and then get things signed by ME! YAY! Extra bonus: it’ll be May the 4th, so come hear me tell you lots of Star Wars jokes too.

Anyways! Enjoy this week’s page! This page has some more light-hearted adorable Zero, which I feel has been sorely lacking lately. He just looks so happy! hahaha. This page also makes me wonder how many times Kick Girl has seriously used the word “seriously” so far. My guess is… a whole lot.

What do you guys think? Has Judas gone to use the restroom, or is he long gone? Love to hear your thoughts! and STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT! ♥