Hey guys! You may have noticed I did a little spring cleaning to the webpage! We have a new, more purple, layout! I dig it more than the spooky black it was before!

Page 138! I love this page, because KG is being nice to Zero. ♥

I’ve got good news for my Kick Girl fans! MY ONLINE STORE IS FINALLY UP! YEAHHHH! You can buy the old Kick Girl comics, Mystery Babylon Chapter 1, and a whole bunch of prints! Order now while the items are still in stock. I’m planning on talking with my printer this week about getting more books, but I only have about 10 or so copies left of the old Graphic Novels at the moment. So, first come first serve! Hopefully you guys dig my fan-art prints too! Some pretty nerdycool things in there! Hohoho~!

One last thing! Please vote for my art to go on the Phoenix Comicon Badges!!


Anyone can vote! And you can vote for ALL THREE of my entries! All you need is your Facebook account to log in and find the arts that say “Val Hochberg” under them! And it only takes a few seconds!

You can vote every day if you want to! Your vote could means the difference between getting an awesome badge and getting a less-awesome badge! :D ♥

Thank you guys so stink’n much! I appreciate the help! ♥

Feel free to post here and brag about your voting-victories. And as always, I always love to hear your thoughts!! Love you guys!