Please vote for my badge art today! If you’ve already voted, guess what, you can do it again today! HECK YEAH!

Anyone in the world can vote! And you can vote for all three of my entries! All you need is your Facebook account to log in and find the arts that say “Val Hochberg” under them!

Our badges are kicking booty right now, but the competition is fierce and some of the other entries are hot on our trails! So let’s kick it up a notch today!  :mrgreen:

Let’s make this happen! Please take a few seconds to vote! If you vote, you can leave a comment here, and I will virtually high-five each and every one of you. YEAHHH!!! 😀 ♥

You can vote here!! And you can vote EVERY DAY! Please help me! It would mean so much to me! 😀

You guys rock my socks. ♥